Dog Allergy Summit

You know I like to share helpful information for pet owners. So, here’s some exciting details about a FREE learning opportunity about allergies for dog owners!

If your dog experiences allergies, scratching, itching, or head shaking – something deeper in their body could be wrong. And it’s up to each of us as loving dog parents to act fast. Seasonal allergies are among the biggest factors that determine daily comfort for our dogs. And with so much conflicting information online from faceless blog posts, articles, and Facebook Groups — how do you really know who to believe?

Dr. Alex Avery has partnered with Pet Summits to bring you the very first Dog Allergy Summit. It’s completely free and online from July 29 – August 3. Dr. Avery has been a veterinarian for 16+ years and founded Our Pets Health: to provide accurate, evidence-based pet health information all designed to help you look after your furry family members to the best of your ability – all so they can live the long, healthy, and happy life you want for them!

Over the years he has helped thousands of animals recover from many diseases including chronic allergy issues. For the first time ever, Dr. Alex Avery has brought all of his colleagues together in order to share what really works when it comes to eliminating your dog’s allergies for good! I’m honored to participate in this summit where I’ll be talking about when to bring your dog’s itching may be an emergency!

You can get started right now by registering here! The line-up of incredible speakers at this summit includes Dr. Chris Bessent, Dr. Cherice Roth, Dr. Margo Roman, Dr. Lisa Chimes, Dr. Jeff Werber, and so many more. It’s absolutely FREE for a limited time (July 29 – August 3). Plus it’s completely online so there’s nothing stopping you from joining! You’ll get to mingle with a community of like-minded dog owners who are committed to improving their dog’s allergies too.

Click here now for registration information so you can join the Dog Allergy Summit today!!!