• criticalcaredvm

      Thanks so much for the support Dr. Walters. As you well know, animal owners simply don’t know veterinary specialists exist, so I’m hopeful my blog will help shed some much-needed light. I hope you will continue to share my posts with your clients!

  1. Amen! This site is long overdue! Thank you for educating pet owners that there are specialists in veterinary medicine!

    • criticalcaredvm

      Thanks Dr. Tiches – I really appreciate the support! I truly hope you will continue to help me inform pet owners about the availability of veterinary specialists like you by sharing my blog with your clients.

  2. Petra Schmidt

    Before our dog Schatzi became ill, we had no idea that there were specialists available! We were told by her veterinarian that we would have her 1 to 2 month at the most. A retired veterinarian told us not to waste our money with treatments and to save it towards a new puppy! You can imagine how worried we were before meeting with Dr. Byers.

    7 months have past and we have our old Schatzi back, as good as new! We are vigilant in her care and let her dictate our lives ( well, she always did anyway). As long as she has no pain and has a good quality in life, we will do whatever she needs; in turn we just get to love her a little while longer thanks to the treatment and guidance of Dr. Byers and all the caring staff at Midwest Veterinary Specialty Hospital!

    • Thanks for the awesome comment Mrs. Schmidt! I really appreciate your support of this blog. As you know, too few parents know that pets can have specialists too! Please continue to help spreading the word by sharing this blog with all the pet parents you know!

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